Ingrown nails correction block / I could correct my heavy pincer nail by myself at home! / Made in Japan.

Any painful and ugly ingrown nail , you can surely cure
them by yourself in your home! (Made in Japan)

It doesn't matter the pincer toenail is sickness or not. If possible you want treat it without going to hospital. In recent years, simple but sure medical apparatus for home use for curing pincer nail or ingrown nail debuted at market. Among these, recommendable ones are pincer nail wire "Pincer toenail Block (Makidume Block)" and correction plaster cast, "Pincer toenail Robo (Makidume Robo)". These apparatus are the best seller ones made by reliable excellent precision machine manufacturer in Japan!

Let's see the wonderful effect!

Ingrown nails correct

How do you feel? The fingernail became flat, and dig No more curved toenail!

See the wonderful pincer toenail correction results more.

Ingrown nails correct

Could treat painful toenail like this photo by yourself, you don't need to go to hospital for sergical operation.
Even heavily curved toenail like a shell could get back its natural shape. It' a miracle! or Magic!


These photos show the actual results of correcting effect using"Pincer toenail Block" and "Pincer toenail Robo".

You who experience strong pain for long years, you who couldn't use fashionable shoes or nail fashion now released from pain and can use any type of shoes. But for it, you should use these curing apparatus. And using these apparatus you can get back your natural fine toenail.

♦If your curved toenail is light, you can cure it just using pincer nail wire(spring) only!

Correction wire"Pincer toenail Block"

Pincer toenail Correction wire
Pincer toenail Correction wirePincer toenail Correction wire

Pincer toenail Correct
"Pincer toenail
Block"is an
R-shaped correction

As shown in photo, it's a simple wire to make curved toenail into flat nail using delicate spring power. There are similar products such as tape or shape storage plate in the market, but due to fine looking design, this one is preferred by users.

And, the distinguished reason this one is preferred is its full lineup of 3 sizes (S/M/L) and 4 kinds of spring strength. So, you can select most suitable one among these products and using it you can feel the correction effect right away.

Many of users buy repeatedly this caring item because they feel great curing effect. (for pincer toenail treatment, it takes a certain long period of time)

pincer toenail treatment buy nowPincer toenail treatment buy now

pincer toenail treatment buy nowPincer toenail treatment buy now
♦For heavy ingrown toenail, use the correction plaster cast!

Correction plaster cast"Pincer toenail Robo"

Ingrown toenail Correct
Ingrown toenail treatmentIngrown toenail Correct

Ingrown toenail Correct
It's a medical apparatus having a high precision like precision machine parts.

You may feel it like some toy from photo, but it's an only one medical apparatus which passed strict test by the Government of Japan.

You sometime feel uneasiness because of its delicate shape, but don't worry about it. This product is made with reliable materials and excellent technologies of Japanese manufacturer. Every of bolt, removable parts and poll with delicate spring can respond your curing purpose bringing content results. Real made in Japan.

Set of 5 different types of white fixing part can able to meet to any type of ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenail CorrectIngrown toenail Correct

Ingrown toenail Correct buy nowIngrown toenail Correct

It sometime difficult to see the effect of the "Pincer toenail Robo" from small-size photo. So, recommend you to watch movie to confirm its how-to-use and amazing correcting effect.

The important point of curing using "Pincer toenail Robo" is how to use it. Put the finger nail with "Robo" into the hot water of 40 to 42°C for about 20 minutes.
By sinking curved nail with "Robo" into hot water allows nail to go to flat because the nail getting to soft as well as removing pain, and with short time you can get amazing curing effect.
It will be a right answer to try it right now. Like presented in reliable NHK TV (Japan's only public broadcaster), you will get right answer when you use this item with recommended using manner.

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  ※Both of "Pincer toenail Block (Makidume Block)" and "Pincer toenail Robo (Makidume Robo)" are the product names. / Made in Japan.