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It is difficult how to use the "Pincer toenail Block" to treat your ingrown toenails by yourself ?

Ingrown nails treatment

Even though we know it is effective to treat "pincer toenails", if it takes time and using manner is difficult and troublesome, we will give up to use it.

But, do not worry about it. The "Pincer toenail Block" offered by FineHearts is like a simple spring used in fine machine parts. So, you may think to attach it on your pincer toenail takes a certain process.

The answer is "it is not so difficult to attach the item on your nail"
So, if you accustomed to use it, you may need only 10 seconds to do it yourself.

how to use pincer nail correction

Easy for beginners ! [How to Attach] the "Pincer toenail Block"
1. Hang the hook of compensation unit to the edge of toenail having heavy curve.
2. Next, hang the opposite-side hook to the another nail edge.
3. Guide the spring into the moth bottom of the nail using fingers.
 How about it ? When you accustomed to, it takes less than 1 minute !

For users whose pincer toenail has strong curve or who cannot use fingertips easily, there is assistance item for attaching it to the nail.

how to use pincer nail correction how to use pincer nail correction

[How to Use the Pincer toenail Block]
1. Measure the surface length of nail for selection of appropriate size of compensation item.
 1) Measure the length along with curve from one side to the other side of nail.
 2) Select suitable one among S-M-L from the size table.
 ※The measure shown in photo uses accessories of a set product.
 (You can use cloth measure also)

2. Set the applicator to the unit
 1) Put the applicator horizontally, over the hook parts, guide it to A and B parts of the spring.
 2) Lay down it horizontally like shown in the photo.

3. Hook it on the nail edge
 1) Hook on the nail edge of heavily curved side.
 ※To prevent the applicator does not removed, press the hook by finger.
 (In the photo, for easy to see how to do it , finger is not use to press the hook)

4. Push the hook part
 1) Push the hook by finger to stabilize it.
 ※Push deeply to surely stabilize.
 ※Press the hook by finger while doing this work.

5. Hook to the opposite side of nail
 1) Pull the applicator to lead the hook to the opposite side of nail edge.
 2) Use applicator to operate the hooking.
 ※Press the spring by fingertip to prevent the hooked part does not remove.

6. Remove the applicator
 1) Arrow A(Shows lay down direction )
 2) Arrow B(Shows to remove the applicator)
 ※Doing this work, refer the photo: press the applicator.

7. Apply the cover to finish the work
 ※Use alcohol to remove oily contamination of nail surface(Do not oily fingertip on the surface of cover)
 ※When use any plaster, do not press it strongly(Too much pressing should be avoided)
 ※Keep the entire toenail clean, and change it when you feel the effect of Block becomes weak.

 Details of correction wire "Pincer toenail Block" ⇒ Click here!

// Here you can get the "pincer toenail wire" size fits to your nail ! //
Cure pincer toenail by yourself
Ingrown nails correct
Pincer toenail Correction wire

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