safty and quality / Here is a special wire to cure ingrown toenail or pincer toenail !

The "Pincer toenail correction item" for DIY is reliable and safe yet comfortable. Is it true?  (Japan product)

Ingrown nails treatment

The toenail is very delicate, and with a little bit of trouble, you feel pain and difficult to walk. Yes, toenail plays very important role to walk.

So, you should use anti-pincer toenail item with no troubles.

In this viewpoint, the "Pincer toenail Block" offered by FineHearts (JAPAN) clears every aspect.

quality of pincer nail correction

♦ The reliable industrial-use spring is applied for product !
The spring of this item is same material that is used for mechanical parts of trains and cars.
So, the spring has really safe and reliable quality.
Applying this industrial-use spring for this item allows to realize the soft for human with its most adequate power to pull up the toenail tenderly.

♦ Safe structure for skin !
The hook parts of both sides of correction item are covered with elastic resin tubes. So the metal (stainless) never touch directly the skin.
This structure eliminates fears such as digging into skin and metallic allergy.

quality of pincer nail correction

♦ Around 4 months durability for continuous use !
Attaching "Pincer toenail Block" to the nail is for every day. So, we place importance to durability.
The tough spring with durability for 4 months continuous use has developed.

♦ With specially developed cover having three features
The strong adhesive seat of "Pincer toenail Block" can prevent troubles such as sticking to socks or stoking as well as dropping out of spring.

In summer, we sometimes prefer become barefooted, or put on sandals and the mule.
So, pincer toenail corrector item feels some incompatibility is not good.
For such items, design sense is important. The product design of heart type is for ladies.

quality of pincer nail correction

♦ Design considered beauty
The product design is similar to accessories and nail art with continuous heart type. Coloring of pink gold is also well accepted to everybody.

♦ You can easily took out anytime
The spring can attach and remove to meet any TPO. Also attach and remove can be used many times.

 Details of correction wire "Pincer toenail Block" ⇒ Click here!

// Here you can get the "pincer toenail wire" size fits to your nail ! //
Cure pincer toenail by yourself
Ingrown nails correct
Pincer toenail Correction wire

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  ※"Pincer toenail Block (Makidume Block)" is product name of curved toenail correcting item. / Made in Japan.