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Is there correcting effect of the DIY ingrown toenail item "Pincer toenail Block" ?  (Japan product)

Ingrown nails treatment

On the market we see various "ingrown toenail home care" products from manufacturers such as wire, seal, brace and plastic plate. Then these items do have actual effect or not? This is a question. `(-_-;

We often hear voices and impression, many of these products have no power of correction (to make nail into flat) and so, users cannot feel the correction effect.
Among these, products of manufacturer of only 1 to 2 items have less effect due to weak "correcting power".

So, there appears primitive doubt for the "Pincer toenail Block" of FineHearts also the same as these products. So, we tried to verify about effect of "Pincer toenail Block".

We found out the actual example. The photo below is the actual example of before and after of using the product of a lady who has been annoyed with painful ingrown toenail for 40 years.
You can see the tough pincer toenail changed its shape into flat.

pincer nail remedy

Even serious pincer toenail that gave pain for 40 years… . Corrected into amazingly flat nail !

So, the important point of pincer toenail correction IS its "correction power".
In this regard, the correction power of "Pincer toenail Block" is confirmed exactly 0.7mm compensation by the fair test of an official inspection organization.

"Pincer toenail Block" was analyzed its "elasticity stress" with cooperation of an official institution.
As a result of strict testing, action power to lift the both sides of nail is proved.

pincer nail correction effects

At the moment when the item is attached, the correcting power works upon the nail and so there is an immediate effect.
Afterwards, this power can continuously work upon to correct the curved nail gradually.

The manufacture of "Pincer toenail Block" is Shikahama Seisakujo (Mfg. Co., Ltd. Shikahama) in Japan.
The testing and analysis system is reliable because the company is manufacturer to produce parts for precision machines.
So, it's the right answer to select product made by manufacturer having sure and reliable technology and know-how of precision product.

 Details of correction wire "Pincer toenail Block" ⇒ Click here!

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Ingrown nails correct
Pincer toenail Correction wire

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  ※"Pincer toenail Block (Makidume Block)" is product name of curved toenail correcting item. / Made in Japan.